El Dorado County Office of Education
Teacher Induction Program

Graduate-Level Semester Credit

How it Works:

Step 1

Complete Your Induction Training with Pomona Unified School District.

Step 2

Submit Proof of Completion.

Step 3

Earn Credit on an Official Transcript from University of the Pacific, Benerd College.

Graduate-Level Credit with University of the Pacific - Benerd College & El Dorado County Office of Education

University of the Pacific/Benerd College, is pleased to offer up to 8 graduate-level semester credits (per year) for completing the  EDCOE Induction or Mentor Training Program. This unique offering is available to all current (ongoing) and past Teacher candidates, ECO candidates and mentors. Graduate-level professional development credit is not part of a degree program at Pacific but can be transferred at the discretion of your institution for salary advancement and state licensing requirements. Candidates seeking credit for such purposes are advised to check with the appropriate agencies and gain approval prior to registering. 

El Dorado County Office of Education is dedicated in providing a rigorous and robust intern, Induction and Mentor experience that deserves recognition at a graduate-level. That’s exactly why we are prepared to help you earn credit quickly and easily, all at an affordable cost of only $50 per semester credit. Enrollment is available year round and candidates can register for credit at any time. 

Induction candidates and mentors must submit proof of their completed Induction Program in order to earn credit with University of the Pacific, Benerd College.

EDCOE Induction Staff will verify your completion on either your Induction program or Mentor training, upon your registration. No further documentation is required after registering for your courses. If for any reason there is an issue with your course registration(s), our team will reach out to provide you with an update and assistance.

How many credits can you earn?
Induction Candidates: Year 1 (8 credits)
Induction Candidates: Year 2 (8 credits)
Mentors: Year 1 (8 credits)
Mentors: Year 2 (8 credits)
Early Completion Option: Year 1 (8 credits)

The credits offered are post-baccalaureate, graded, graduate-level semester units of credit, provided directly through University of the Pacific, Benerd College. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of educators for Salary Advancement and Recertification.  The credits are acceptable where local districts approve and applicable to state licensing where authorized. We always encourage that you check with your employer for acceptability of these credits. Course participants are responsible to determine acceptability of these credits for their intended use. Each graduate-level semester credit is equivalent to 15 hours of academic involvement. 

University of the Pacific, established in 1851, is California’s oldest private chartered university and is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Completed courses are graded under the pass/no pass grading system. All course grades will appear on an official transcript from University of the Pacific/Benerd College.  The course ending date that will appear on your transcript will reflect the date on which your completed coursework was reviewed and graded.

Available Courses

  • Induction Candidates
  • Mentors
  • Early Completion Option (ECO)
CourseCourse Number


Tuition FeeEnrollment Date

Teacher Induction - (Year 1)

PEDU 9290



Year Round

Teacher Induction - (Year 2)

PEDU 9292



Year Round
CourseCourse Number


Tuition FeeEnrollment Date

Induction Support Provider/Mentor/Coach - (Year 1)

PEDU 9295



Year Round

Induction Support Provider/Mentor/Coach - ( Year 2)

PEDU 9297



Year Round

CourseCourse NumberCreditsTuition FeeEnrollment Date

Early Completion Option

EDUP 9105



Year Round

Registration Process

You may register for university credit at anytime upon successful completion of your Induction Program. 

IMPORTANT: At checkout, you will be required to upload your EDCOE Induction Transcript to verify your program participation. If you have did not previously receive an EDCOE Induction Transcript and are attempting to register for credit, please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

What’s Next?

EDCOE Induction Staff will verify your Induction program participation after you register for your courses. You will also receive a course enrollment confirmation email with additional information and instructions. No further documentation is required. After your application is reviewed, approved and processed, you will be assigned a “Passing (P)” letter grade for your Induction courses. 

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