How it Works:

Step 1

Complete Your Induction Training with Kings County Office of Education.

Step 2

Submit Proof of Completion.

Step 3

Earn Graduate-Level Credit from University of the Pacific -- Benerd College.

Earn Graduate-Level Professional Development Credit with University of the Pacific -- Benerd College & Kings County Office of Education.​

University of the Pacific — Benerd College is pleased to offer up to 8 graduate-level semester credits (per year) for completing the Kings County Office of Education NTI ProgramThis unique offering is available to all current (ongoing) and past Teacher Induction candidates, ECO candidates and mentors. Graduate-level professional development credit is not part of a degree program at Pacific but can be transferred at the discretion of your institution for salary advancement and state licensing requirements. Candidates seeking credit for such purposes are advised to check with the appropriate agencies and gain approval prior to registering. 

Kings County Office of Education is dedicated in providing a rigorous and robust Induction experience that deserves recognition at a graduate-level. That’s exactly why we are prepared to help you earn credit quickly and easily, all at an affordable cost of only $50 per semester credit. Enrollment is available year round and candidates can register for credit at any time. 

Induction candidates must submit proof of their completed KCOE NTI Program in order to earn credit with University of the Pacific, Benerd College. No further documentation is required for the awarding of credit. 

  • Teacher Candidates: Certificate of Completion
  • Mentors: Certificate of Completion
  • Early Completion Candidates: Certificate of Completion 

Please be prepared to upload your certificate of completion when registering for the year(s) you completed. 

How many credits can you earn?
Induction Candidates: Year 1 (8 credits)
Induction Candidates: Year 2 (8 credits)
Induction Mentors: Year 1 (8 credits)
Induction Mentors: Year 2 (8 credits)
Early Completion Option: Year 1 (8 credits)

LaVonne Chastain
KCOE New Teacher Induction Director
Phone: 559-589-7085
Summer Headley
Phone: 559-589-7023

Available Courses

  • Induction Candidates
  • Mentors & Support Providers
  • Early Completion Option (ECO)
CourseCourse NumberCreditsTuition FeeEnrollment Date
Teacher Induction (Year 1) - Semester 1PEDU 92904$200Year Round
Teacher Induction (Year 1) - Semester 2PEDU 92914$200Year Round
Teacher Induction (Year 2) - Semester 1PEDU 92924$200Year Round
Teacher Induction (Year 2) - Semester 2PEDU 92934$200Year Round
CourseCourse NumberCreditsTuition FeeEnrollment Date
Induction Support Mentor (Year 1) - Semester 1PEDU 92954$200Year Round
Induction Support Mentor (Year 1) - Semester 2PEDU 92964$200Year Round
Induction Support Mentor (Year 2) - Semester 1PEDU 92974$200Year Round
Induction Support Mentor (Year 2) - Semester 2PEDU 92984$200Year Round
CourseCourse NumberCreditsTuition FeeEnrollment Date
Early Completion Option For InductionEDUP 91058$360Year Round

Registration Process

Register online at any time once you have successfully completed your Induction Program.

Online: click on “REGISTER NOW” below and select the corresponding courses for the years you completed in your Induction program. At checkout, you will be required to upload your documentation (certificate of completion) and pay with a credit card.

What’s Next?

Upon registering and submitting all required documentation for your Induction Program, you will receive a confirmation email from our professional development office. No further documentation is required. Once your documentation and payment has been reviewed, approved and processed, you will be assigned a “Passing (P)” letter grade for your Induction courses. 

Grades for your courses will be submitted for processing at UOP within one week of enrolling. An unofficial transcript will also be mailed to you automatically (at no charge) by standard mail once your final grades have been entered and posted in the university system. Please know that it may take between 3-6 weeks, from the time you submit your documentation, for you to receive your transcript by regular mail. The unofficial transcript will allow you to verify that all courses and credits are reported correctly on your records. 

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