Butte County Office of Education’s Professional Learning Department


Butte County Office of Education’s Professional Learning Department invites you on an Educational Adventure that will invigorate your teaching spirit and push you toward new horizons of professional learning.

The Professional Learning Department of Butte County Office of Education has embarked on a professional relationship with University of Pacific to provide classroom educators with the opportunity to grow in their craft in a meaningful, yet flexible way. This new Teacher Friendly course will engage participants in a Book Study Experience, in which they will be collaborating with fellow educators as they investigate the leading educational authors and apply their ideas in the classroom. For the first session, or the “maiden voyage,” the class will analyze the work of Dave Burgess and his philosophy to “Teach Like a PIRATE”.

This Book Study incorporates the principles of Teach Like a PIRATE into a professional learning community that is focused on meeting the unique needs of students in the Post COVID-19 Classroom. Through asynchronous learning, digital discussions, and 3 live zoom sessions, participants will prepare for a culminating project in which they engage in action research that directly impacts student learning and engagement based upon teacher identified needs and interests. Participants will engage in critical analysis of the author’s ideas, and determine how they impact the role of a classroom teacher while collaborating and engaging with colleagues from various locations.

This 3 unit semester long course is designed to support educators in all stages of their careers as they challenge themselves to build classrooms that meet the needs of their current student populations. This individualized and flexible approach to professional learning is ideal for a current classroom teacher interested in coursework constructed around the teacher schedule, and with resources and support curated specifically for the Post COVID-19 school environment.

We hope you will embark on this new learning journey with us!