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Courses & Credits

The courses offered are post-baccalaureate, graded, graduate-level semester courses, which are not applicable towards, or part of a degree program at University of the Pacific. These courses are designed for professional growth such as salary advancement and re-certification. Graduate-level semester credits are awarded upon successful completion of our professional development courses. 

UOP’s continuing education course credits (units) are acceptable where local districts approve and are applicable to state licensing or salary advancement where authorized. It is your responsibility to determine the acceptability of these credits for their intended use.

Each graduate-level semester credit (unit) is equivalent to 15 hours worth of academic involvement.

You may register for as many courses as you desire. We do not recommend taking more than five courses at a time. 

Your coursework can be submitted up to 6 months after registering, and extensions are always granted upon request. You may also submit your coursework earlier if needed. The true course ending date that will appear on your transcript will reflect the date your coursework was received and graded.

It is your responsibility to check with your district or agency to determine how many credits (units) are acceptable per semester. Educators are encouraged to allow at least one week of time for every semester credit attempted. 

Of course. Many librarians, counselors, administrators, etc., have enrolled in our professional development courses. At Teacher Friendly we encourage personnel from all positions in an educationally-related program or classroom environment to participate.

You have up to 6 months to submit your coursework requirements.

Absolutely. To request an extension please email us at info@teacherfriendly.com. 

One semester credit equals 1.5 quarter credits.

The University of the Pacific is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Established in 1851, it is the oldest private chartered university in the state of California.

The credits are not designed to be applicable towards a degree program at University of the Pacific. However, the transferring and acceptance of these credits with another university is solely at the discretion of the respective institution. We do not provide assurance that any state licensing board, university, or school district will accept these credits for those purposes.

Grades & Transcripts

Each professional development course is letter graded and will appear on an Official Transcript from University of the Pacific, Benerd College.

You can expect for your coursework to be graded within the week you submit your coursework documentation. However, from the date it is received, it can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks for your grade to be entered and posted in the Registrar's Office.

Once your course grade(s) have been posted and entered, an unofficial transcript is automatically generated and sent to your home address. This unofficial transcript will include instructions on how to order your official copy, and will allow you to verify that your courses appear and are graded correctly. Please know that it can take anywhere between 3-6 weeks from the time you submit coursework requirements for you to receive your unofficial transcript in the mail.

Contact us directly by sending an email to: info@teacherfriendly.com. The following information will be necessary in your email so that we can assist you:

  • Full Name
  • Course number (EDUP or PEDU)
  • Course beginning/ending date
  • Credits attempted
  • D.O.B (or Student ID)
  • Method of registration
  • Best phone number to contact you

Follow the step-by-step transcript instructions by clicking here. It is imperative that your coursework submission be confirmed prior to ordering your official transcript.

Unofficial Transcripts will be mailed to you via standard mail within 2-3 days after the University enters your grades into their system (at no charge). You may request an Official Transcript after successfully completing your course(s) at any time. Cost for ordering Official Transcripts is $7.25 Standard Mail or $27.25 Overnight Mail.

Official transcripts from UOP are mailed in a sealed and signature-stamped envelope. Unofficial transcripts, however, are printed and mailed to your home address for your personal record. If your unofficial transcript is not accurate, please contact our office prior to ordering your Official Transcript.


Some districts will accept unofficial transcripts as sufficient documentation to meet their requirements. However, most school districts will only accept an Official transcript. It is your responsibility what is acceptable in your district.

Tuition & Payment

Tuition cost varies depending on the course offering. We offer a variety of course options ranging from $62-$79 per semester credit.

There are no refunds once your tuition payment has been processed.

No. University of the Pacific, Benerd College does not provide financial assistance for students taking professional development continuing education courses.

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