Why Educators Love and Prefer
Our Professional Development Courses

Affordable & Relevant

Teacher Friendly is known for providing affordable course options. At only $79 per semester credit, our selection of course options offers a wide variety of K-12 teaching subjects, topics and educational trends. We know that many continuing education options are overpriced, and we are prepared to give you choices to help you save! Plus, as we continue to offer graduate-level credit to Teachers and Educators across the nation, we remain passionately connected to the idea of making options work in all subjects and topics. Whether you spend time attending PD workshops, seminars, creating curriculum/lessons, researching PD strategies, or traveling, our Teacher Friendly professional development courses will give you affordable and relevant options. Designed to enhance and engage, they will provide for the professional needs of educators at all levels and positions.

Improve Student Achievement with Strategies That Matter...

All of our courses will motivate you to improve student achievement and encourage you to provide your learners with new tools and the necessary skills to succeed academically. As an educator, you will inspire and transform the learning process of your students through the strategies that you find most effective and meaningful. Whether you decide to increase student achievement by revamping your current curriculum or by creating new learning activities, you can accomplish your goals successfully at Teacher Friendly – all while meeting educational standards set by your school district, county, or state. The end result will be the vicarious thrill you experience as you watch your students reach their goals and tackle their obstacles one at a time. Not only will you receive professional development credit, you will have the heartwarming reward of witnessing your students become better at what they do – all while using PD tools, resources and research that YOU find meaningful.

Choose When to Work and How Many Credits You Need

The dedicated responsibility that goes along with being an educator consists of many time constraints and sacrifices. With our specialized PD courses, you can create your own schedule and relax into your workflow, conveniently completing your coursework from wherever you are at any time. That’s exactly why you get to select how many credits you require per course. Hand-tailored to your specific needs, each course will be customized to your individual goals, time schedule, and deadlines. All our PD salary advancement courses give you up to 6 months to complete coursework requirements, and extensions are granted upon request if you need them. Now you can complete multiple courses at once, all while managing your full-time job effectively and successfully.

Salary Advancement and Recertification Doing What You Love

If you are a hard-working educator with a love and passion for education, want to earn professional development credit to climb up the salary ladder, or need to meet your annual professional development requirements, our continuing education courses are a great choice for you to get things done. With a diverse selection of courses to choose from, your goals will be met and accomplished with efficiency and precision. At Teacher Friendly we believe in high-quality education, rigor, and research, and our options are completely customizable so that you can do what you love from beginning to end. You select which topic to study, choose your own project, develop your own timeline, and complete meaningful coursework to earn credit on an official transcript from University of the Pacific.

Earn Graduate Level Credits for all the Professional Development you complete on your own time!