Become a Teacher Friendly Blogger

Do you have some teacher-friendly tips and tricks to share with a growing network of professional educators? Are you considered the local thought leader by your peers? Do you possess the writing skills to pen a post and share your amazing ideas and classroom expertise in our Teacher Friendly blog? If so, grab your laptop and get clacking on those keys…

What Kind of Blog Posts Is Teacher Friendly Looking For?

Our goal at Teacher Friendly is to provide quality professional development to prepare educators to meet the ongoing challenges of this dynamic career. Our Teacher Friendly blog is an essential element in our program, as it provides teachers with encouragement, information, and support, one teacher to another, within the short time frame of a quick read.

To ensure that our blog is both relevant and apropos to our audience of educators, Teacher Friendly would like to extend an invitation to our readers to contribute guest posts. Specifically, we are looking for content that complements our professional development curricula and provides readers with valuable ideas, strategies, actionable steps, or resources they can use or implement in their classroom.

Benefits of Becoming a Teacher Friendly Guest Blogger

Contributing to the Teacher Friendly blog garners our writers more than just full recognition as the author of the article. In addition to the satisfaction of helping others through the sharing of your proven successful strategies and lessons, you will have the added benefit of sharing your work, as the fully credited author, with Teacher Friendly’s extensive social media following. You will also have the opportunity to include one link in your article to your Teachers Pay Teachers products (if approved) and the option to post a blog each week (if accepted for publication). Furthermore, as a recognized leading educator and vetted author of educational material, you will receive priority opportunities to become an instructor for Teacher Friendly as relevant positions become available.

As a Teacher Friendly Blog Author, You’ll Get:

You will be credited as author of your published post. (No handing over your amazing work as a ghostwriter for someone else!)

You can include one direct link to your Teachers Pay Teachers product.


Submission Requirements for Teacher Friendly Blog

Length: We generally aim for 1000-2000 words. Longer posts are acceptable if more length is needed for clarity and completeness of detail.


  • Please submit your blog post as an MS Word or Google Docs document.
  • Use subheadings and/or bullet points to break up the article for easier reading.
  • Attribute paraphrased or quoted information by embedding links to the source.


  • We accept only relevant, original content that is concise and accurate. While you may reference and cite supporting ideas and materials, the writing must be your own: you cannot copy or repost material from other websites.
  • Blog content is engaging and focuses on a teacher-relevant central idea, with clarifying details and easy-to-follow, actionable steps for implementation in the classroom (when applicable).
  • Proper attribution is required for all direct quotations and referenced content cited in your post.

Images: Images are optional. If attached, use a PNG or JPG format with a minimum of 200 x 200 pixels. Be sure to attribute the image by providing the source URL. Stock photos must be royalty-free and licensed for modification and sharing with marketing/commercial markets.

Editorial License: Submissions are reviewed and edited as necessary, prior to publication, to align with our format and uphold the high-quality standards educators have come to anticipate from our blog.

Author bio:

  • Include 2-3 sentences (50-75 words) of introduction establishing your credibility as a blog author of educational content.
  • Professional titles can add validity to your work, but are not required (e.g., “Don Welch, Curriculum Director, Lakeview ISD”).
  • Your bio may include one link to your own blog page, website, or a product in your Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Response Time: If your submission is a good fit for our blog, you will hear from us within 1-2 weeks. 

Wondering What to Write About?
As mentioned above, the purpose of our Teacher Friendly blog is to provide advice, help, and support by building a community of educators willing to share their secrets of success in the classroom with others who are seeking to develop their skills along their journey to becoming a more highly qualified professional educator. In light of this theme, many topics are of interest and subject to consideration for publication. Below are a few ideas representative of the type of content we are looking for or that may, perhaps, bring to mind the topics or issues that you are the most passionate about:

  • Tips for classroom routines/procedures
  • Lesson plans for homeschool parents/classroom teachers
  • Project-based learning activities
  • Assessment creation or design
  • Quick and simple ways to check student understanding
  • Classroom management strategies
  • Tutorial practices/strategies
  • Writing strategies
  • Commentaries/updates on the state of education
  • Online coursework (advantages, drawbacks, tips for simplifying…)
  • Technology in education
  • Parent involvement

How to Submit Your Article
If there are concepts, strategies, activities—anything that might be helpful to other educators—you would like to share with our extended community of your professional colleagues, please take the time to write them up and submit them below.

Please note: We request that you include at least one downloadable resource that supplements the content of your article. This resource (which may include your logo) should support implementation of the concept or be an example of an idea suggested in your article. Your attached resources must also be reviewed and edited before publication, so please submit any supplemental material as an editable document such as MS Word.