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Graduate Level Semester Credit

Graduate-Level Professional Development Semester Units of Credit for Salary Advancement and/or Recertification

University of the Pacific and Teacher Friendly are proud to offer up to 8 graduate-level semester units credit (per year) upon completion of Induction requirements. This partnership and credit opportunity is dedicated to assist school districts and county offices of education across the United States. 

With permission and prior approval from your district, this unique offering is available to current and past participants (beginning teachers and educators, administrators, counselors and mentor/support providers) for an extremely affordable cost. Graduate-level semester units of credit are not part of a degree program at Pacific but can be transferred at the discretion of your institution for salary advancement and state licensing requirements. 

Note: If your School District or County is not listed and you’re interested in earning university credit for completion of your Induction Program, please contact us here.

For over 35 years, University of the Pacific/Benerd College has partnered with Teacher Friendly to provide graduate-level semester credit for educators, administrators, counselors, speech-language pathologists, and teachers across the nation.


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