Teacher Induction Implementation

1-6 graduate-level credits per course

How It Works:

Step 1

Complete your Induction Program with School District of Philadelphia.

Step 2

Submit coursework requirements based on your learning experience.

Step 3

Earn Graduate-Level Semester Credit from University of the Pacific — Benerd College.

Teacher Induction Implementation

University of the Pacific/Benerd College and Teacher Friendly have developed a pathway for teachers who successfully complete their Induction Program with School District of Philadelphia to receive graduate-level semester units of credit for salary advancement and recertification.  

Earn up to 6 graduate-level semester credits per course – for only $50/credit –after validating successful achievement of your Instructional Level I/Level II Certificate and completion of course requirements.

We know the value of professional development/Induction in rejuvenating an educator’s enthusiasm, providing renewed motivation to engage students in the learning process, and imparting new information and experiences to add interest and depth to your teaching, but implementing the process of what you learned from your professional development is the key to educational success. With this unique PD course option you can finally implement what you’ve learned and earn credit at the same time.

Coursework Requirements

As an outgrowth of your completed Induction Program, develop instructional activities, curriculum, lesson plans, or any other unique personalized projects for your classroom or program. You will be encouraged to design and implement personalized coursework goals and objectives to enhance your professional growth in your educational setting. The coursework is meant to be meaningful, convenient, and practical, so credit can be earned for projects you are currently working on – or even projects you have already completed. You may reference creative ideas inspired by professional research, readings, videos, or any other form of PD resources you value that resonate with you. The culminating course objective is to demonstrate how the professional work you choose to create (or have previously created) merges with your professional needs and the needs of your learners. 


Suggested activities and projects to help you earn credit:

Development or revision of classroom curriculum, rubrics, lesson plans, educational games, learning activities, PowerPoint presentations, video presentations, worksheets, educational websites, classroom visuals, classroom assignments and projects, bulletin boards, learning centers, anchor charts, assessments, teacher-created books, physical education activities, self-evaluation/reflection reports, technology-related activities, storytelling activities, units of study, STEM-related projects, Common Core Standards, mindfulness strategies, etc.


Designed for busy teachers like you, you will get up to 6 months to complete your coursework requirements, and extensions are always granted if needed. The projects you choose to develop will ultimately demonstrate the application of time you invest in professional development experiences, such as research, videos, readings, etc. An additional expectation is that you keep a time log that documents the time spent for this course. The specific requirements concerning your chosen projects and the time log are dependent what resonates most with you and how many credits you take per course. 


Overview of Requirements


1. Define your course objective(s): When registering you will be required to provide a short description of the prospective activities and/or projects that you plan to create and implement. You may always modify, change, adapt or incorporate new ideas throughout the entire course duration.


2. Develop a self-created time log: Create a log to document the effort and time that you dedicate to the process of completing your coursework requirements. You can also document hours for activities and projects that you have created previously by back tracking the date in your log. Your log must be specific and include dates, times and accomplishments as proof of completed objectives. For each graduate-level credit, you will document 15 hours of academic involvement. 


Whether you spend time brainstorming, researching, reading, typing, writing, watching educational videos and films for ideas, constructing visuals, or putting together new curriculum & rubrics, you are able to document all the professional time you have invested in amplifying and enriching your professional needs.


3. Provide proof of completed objectives: When all your goals are finally met, you will submit proof of completed objectives (activities & projects) and your self-created time log.


*Additional course guidelines, formatting requirements, and information will be provided upon course enrollment.

Grades & Transcripts

Completed courses are letter graded and will appear on an official transcript from University of the Pacific–Benerd College. An Official Transcript with your final course grade(s) is available from Pacific upon successful completion of coursework. The course ending date that will appear on your transcript will reflect the date on which your completed coursework was reviewed and graded.

Please Note: An instructional Level I/II certificate is required at checkout when registering for your course(s).

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