Established in 1851, UOP is recognized as the first chartered university in California and has maintained its status as a leader in education: it was California’s first independent coeducational campus, the first university on the West Coast to open a medical school and a conservatory of music, and it continues to lead with innovative and affordable Teacher Friendly professional development course options for teachers across the United States. And while at one time it was the best place for a student to be, you can now earn graduate-level semester credit from UOP without ever having to set foot on campus – through our 100% online professional development courses for teachers and educators. 

All professional development courses offered through Teacher Friendly and University of the Pacific are graded, graduate-level post-baccalaureate semester courses, specifically designed to meet the needs of educators for salary advancement and recertification. These courses are not applicable for a degree at Pacific, but can be transferred at the discretion of your institution.

An official transcript is available from Pacific upon successful completion of course requirements with Teacher Friendly and University of the Pacific. While it may be possible for the credits earned in these courses to be used for salary advancement and state licensing requirements, we do not provide assurance that any state licensing board or school district will accept these credits for those purposes. Individuals seeking credits for such purposes are advised to check with the appropriate agencies and gain approval prior to registering.

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