EdTech BCOE: Technology for Streamlined Workload and Maximum Efficiency


Calling all educators interested in using Educational Technology to streamline their workload and to maximize their efficiency both in the classroom and behind a computer! In collaboration with University of Pacific, Butte County Office of Education is offering several “Teacher Friendly” pathways that empower educators to take back their time by implementing the expertise of our Google Certified EdTech Experts to reduce prep time and maximize effectiveness on site. Educators can earn 2 units per pathway, up to 6 total, for engaging in professional learning designed to “debug” their online experience and maximize their “bandwidth”. 

Since the beginning of this partnership, Butte County’s EdTech Department has constructed three pathways for professional learning open to educators across the country. Through zoom workshops, supplemental reading, and one on one support, the BCOE EdTech Coaches provide participants with an array of skills and resources to ramp up their productivity and better meet the needs and interests of the students they serve. Participants can pick from a variety of online workshops curated specifically for educators using Google Suite or other educational applications in their school or classroom. Workshop topics range from professional use of email correspondence to the role of A.I. in classrooms and schools and are facilitated by our Edtech Team to provide the most current research and protocols for technology on your site .  

Whether you log on to boost productivity or to master Google Suite, Butte County Educational Technology Department has the tools you need. Visit:  https://edtech.bcoe.org/index.html to learn more about how you can make technology work for you in your classroom and school or request materials today!