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EDUP 9295: Teacher Induction Implementation Year 2 - 6 Graduate-Level Semester Credits
EDUP 9295: Teacher Induction Implementation Year 2 - 6 Graduate-Level Semester Credits × 1
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EDUP 9295: Teacher Induction Implementation Year 2
Credit Option: 6 Graduate-Level Semester Credits,

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EDUP 9295: Teacher Induction Implementation Year 2 - 6 Graduate-Level Semester Credits
EDUP 9295: Teacher Induction Implementation Year 2 - 6 Graduate-Level Semester Credits × 1
Subtotal $300
Total $300

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On my journey to my masters plus 60 credits as a teacher in the Philadelphia School District I stalled my journey with 40 credits unfilled. I procrastinated signing up because the idea of taking classes in my busy schedule was very daunting. Pressured by some friends I finally took the plunge. Using Teacher Friendly I was able to customize my course load with work I was already doing outside of the classroom! I found myself working on the weekends for my credits while improving the content I would deliver in the classroom. Teacher Friendly was supportive, flexible and aligned with my own needs. I was able to get creative with my submissions as long as I documented my work and had high quality content to deliver at the end of the course. I highly recommend teachers to sign up today, there is no excuse to put this off!

- Teacher

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I develop a lot of materials for my advanced language classes. Using this course option offered me the chance to turn my hard work into PD credit without the hassle of completing expensive university coursework that doesn't easily apply to my curriculum. The process was easy, quick, and the staff is incredibly helpful and friendly. When I email, I get a quick response, and when I call, a real person answers the phone! Great service! Great value!

- Teacher