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$79 per semester credit

1-3 graduate level credits per course

How it Works:

Step 1

Select and register for a course that best fits your goals, subject or topic. Once registered, you will be sent a confirmation email with instructions to begin your coursework requirements.

Step 2

Upload your completed coursework materials to Teacher Friendly or email them to

Step 3

Get an unofficial transcript by regular mail within 3-4 weeks of submitting your coursework requirements, or request an Official Transcript at anytime once you complete your course.

Curriculum Enhancement Course(s)

Enhance your curriculum. Motivate and empower your students to learn.

Earn up to 3 graduate-level semester credits (per course) by revamping existing and/or developing new curriculum.  Regardless of your teaching subject, this Curriculum Enhancement Course option will re-spark your motivation to teach by allowing you to create new interactive curriculum-based projects and/or activities – all while using professional development research, strategies, and resources that are effective and meaningful to you, and your students! Reaching new levels of academic achievement — at Teacher Friendly it’s clear: your goal is our goal.  Curriculum Enhancement Courses will guide you to outline the planned success of your students one step at a time. We are fully aware that developing new curricula is a vital component to improving student achievement/outcomes, and that’s exactly why we strongly encourage creating and implementing a “magical” learning experience; one where students feel so connected and empowered to learn more about the subjects or topics they are struggling to absorb. The culminating course objective is demonstrate how the curriculum you create (or have previously created) enriches and empowers the learning process of the students you teach.

Before you can request an Official Transcript from University of the Pacific, you must complete the following:

  • Register and make payment for a UOP course from below.
  • Complete and submit coursework requirements.

1. Create five different learning activities/projects (per credit) that will help motivate your students to learn and engage, and incorporate them into your current curriculum. Following each activity/project, write a one page Reflection Paper reviewing your plans of action, experience, and professional outgrowth.


1 Graduate-Level Unit = 5 activities/projects 

2 Graduate-Level Units = 10 activities/projects

3 Graduate-Level Units = 15 activities/projects


Reflection Paper Requirements*

Your reflection paper should include the:

  1. Source and description of the activity or project.
  2. Target audience for the activity: Grade level, type of class, groups, etc.
  3. Objectives/goals, evaluation methods utilized, and expected outcomes/reactions.

*Specific content and formatting requirements will be provided upon course enrollment.


What type of activities and projects should you incorporate or develop into your curriculum to obtain credit? You may use the latest professional development resources (of your choice) to assist, motivate, and guide you in implementing the best strategies for your classroom or program.


Suggested activities/projects to help you earn credit quickly: Personalized development or enhancement of classroom curriculum, rubrics, lesson plans, educational games, activities incorporating technology, powerpoint presentations, video presentations, learning worksheets, classroom visuals, classroom assignments and projects, bulletin boards, learning centers, anchor charts, assessments, teacher created books, innovative teaching activities, self-evaluation reports, storytelling activities, units of study, STEM related projects, common core activities, and more….


2. Develop a self-created time log documenting the time you invest into completing your coursework requirements. Fifteen hours of documentation/logged time are required for each semester credit attempted. This means that if you opt to register for 3 credits, your log must reflect a total of 45 hours of involvement/participation. Creating your own log will give you the freedom to document all the effort and time you dedicate(d) to brainstorming, researching, reading, writing, typing, watching professional development  videos, and completing your personalized activities and projects. You can even document time in your log for activities and projects you created prior to your registration date,  as long as you are actively utilizing your materials in a classroom or program setting. All logged time must be for activities completed on your own personal time, and must take place outside of professionally paid hours. 


3. Submit your self-created time log and proof of completed coursework. Proof of your completed activities and projects may be validated by submitting samples of your work via photos, PDFs, Word documents, or short videos.


Note: Upon registering for this course option, you will receive additional information that delineates your coursework requirements. Click HERE to download a PDF of the requirements listed above.

PD Course Advantages

Available Courses

Below is a list of Generic and Subject-Specific Course Titles to choose from when registering for this course option. The choice is yours – choose which title and how many graduate-level semester credits you would like to earn. Each course may be attempted for up to 3 graduate-level semester credits.

CourseCourse NumberCreditsTuition FeeEnrollment Date
Practicum for Development of Instructional ActivitiesPEDU 9000 1-3$79/per creditYear Round
Developing New Learning Activities PracticumPEDU 90011-3$79/per creditYear Round
Developing Hands-On Activities to Enhance Learning StrategiesPEDU 90021-3$79/per creditYear Round
Learning Activities and Environment PracticumPEDU 90031-3$79/per creditYear Round
New Curriculum Ideas/Materials Development PracticumPEDU 90041-3$79/per creditYear Round
Developing Learning Activities Through Hands-On LearningPEDU 90051-3$79/per creditYear Round
Curriculum Development Through Special ProjectsPEDU 90061-3$79/per creditYear Round
Developing New Ideas in Education PracticumPEDU 90081-3$79/per creditYear Round
Activities to Accelerate LearningPEDU 90101-3$79/per creditYear Round
Curriculum Enrichment ActivitiesPEDU 90121-3$79/per creditYear Round
Teaching Objectives with Hands-On ActivitiesPEDU 90131-3$79/per creditYear Round
Creating Practical Strategies and IdeasPEDU 90141-3$79/per creditYear Round

Registration Process

You may register online and pay with credit card at any time. Upon registering for your selected course, you will have up to 6 months to submit your coursework requirements. Coursework requirements can be accessed via your Teacher Friendly Dashboard once you have successfully registered for a user account.

You may also complete the PD Course Registration Form and send your documentation by regular mail if you are sending a check/money order as a payment option. Once our professional development office receives your registration form, we will send you a confirmation email with instructions to begin your coursework requirements. 

Grades & Transcripts 

An official transcript is available from Pacific upon successful completion of coursework. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to request an Official Transcript from the University of the Pacific upon submission of coursework. Additionally, once the grades are successfully entered and posted in the Registrar’s Office, an unofficial transcript is automatically sent to your mailing address by regular mail.  It may take approximately 3-6 weeks from the time you submit your coursework to receive an unofficial transcript by mail. The course ending date on your unofficial transcript will reflect the date your coursework was received. The unofficial transcript will allow you to verify that ALL courses you wish to appear on your Official Transcript are listed correctly. You may also request an expedited transcript for an additional charge at any time after submission of your coursework materials.

Meeting a Deadline? We do our best to provide grades and transcripts expeditiously.  However, we cannot guarantee that last minute requests will be processed by the requested time. If you need to meet a deadline, we strongly encourage you to make your request early enough to allow sufficient time for processing. 

About the Credits & Pacific

While it may be possible for the credits earned in these courses to be used for salary advancement and state licensing requirements, we do not provide assurance that any state licensing board or school district will accept these credits for those purposes. Individuals seeking credits for such purposes are advised to check with the appropriate agencies and gain approval prior to registering.

University of the Pacific, established in 1851, is California’s oldest private chartered university and is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). All Teacher Friendly Professional Development salary advancement courses offered by University of the Pacific, Benerd College are graded, graduate-level post-baccalaureate semester courses, specifically designed to meet the needs of educators for salary advancement and recertification. These courses are not applicable for a degree at Pacific but can be transferred at the discretion of your institution.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds once your tuition payment has been processed. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can register one of two ways:

1. Online – click on “REGISTER NOW” and select your desired course title(s). At checkout, you will be required to pay with a credit card.

2. By downloading the PDF Registration Form and sending your documentation by regular mail or fax. You will be required to pay with a credit card, check, or money order.

Your coursework can be submitted up to 6 months after registering, and extensions are always granted upon request. You may also submit your coursework earlier if needed. The true course ending date that will appear on your transcript will reflect the date your coursework was received.

UOP’s continuing education course credits / units are acceptable where local districts approve and are applicable to state licensing or salary advancement where authorized. All students are responsible for determining the acceptability of these credits for their intended use.

The University of the Pacific is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Established in 1851, it is the oldest private chartered university in the state of California.

The credits offered are post-baccalaureate, graded, graduate level semester credits that are not part of a degree program at University of the Pacific, but instead are used for professional growth such as salary advancement and re-certification. 

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